Wedding Tips and Tricks: The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in India

Wedding planning is the most significant responsibility because it is always remembered in your complete life journey. Rams Event provides a vital step to help you reach your target. These steps are more reliable and play a core role in practical life when you plan the wedding. However, if you are not able to take all the responsibility and want someone who will hold your responsibility with the best dexterity, then you need a wedding planner.

Mostly, people see the dream of a special wedding, but they have no option but to go outside and plan the destination wedding. But you won’t be disappointed if you are getting a wedding in Jaipur or Alwar City. You can also get the feeling of a dream wedding because we are providing the best amenities for wedding services in Alwar and Jaipur at a reasonable price.

 Important Wedding Planning Steps 

 Let’s look at the wedding planning steps that will assist you for better guides:- 

1. Set a Realistic Budget 

You start your wedding planning with your estimation of the budget because your wedding budget drives the following factors that give you the wedding-related decisions: Foremost when you start making a budget, you draw a list of each criterion of expenses. Besides, segregate the wedding priorities on a number basis, with the first to last priority. Your budget will determine which kind of wedding you would like to plan. If someone is not preparing the budget, they will confront the deficit or be ashamed. According to a review, the average Indian wedding budget is Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 50,00,000.

2. Set Clear Priorities:

When you decide your priorities simultaneously, determine the aspect that is needed in your wedding. It could be your Venue Selection, Decoration, Guest Management, Haldi, Mahendi, Ladies’ Sangeet, food, photography, Furniture, Varmala, Entertainment, Sound and lights, or Reception. If you focus on your priorities, surely you will allocate time and resources more effectively.

3. Decide on the Wedding Venue

It is easy to choose once you have a realistic budget. The wedding place will depend on your choice of what kind of wedding you prefer. If you want a destination wedding, you should need a big budget, or it all depends on the destination venue that you choose. However, decide the wedding venue, according to guests, and your food in stalls with all rituals, including “Varmala”.

4. Make a list of Foods with How Many Stalls are Preferable 

After choosing the right wedding place according to your budget, you need to decide the food and stalls that you want in your wedding. However, guest counting also plays a major role when you make a list of foods because it will measure your budget. If you want ample stalls with delectable food and extravagant meals, you have to reduce the number of guests on the list. Otherwise, you need to extend your budget according to your requirements. 

5. Vendor Selection 

Research carefully and choose reputable vendors that fit your budget and your vision. Ask for recommendations, read reviews, and, if possible, meet sellers in person to ensure a good deal. If you are having trouble finding a vendor on your own, go for the Rams Event which will sort out all your issues and complete your effortless aspiration according to your view.

6. Select a Makeup Artist 

As soon as your wedding date and venue are booked, start looking for a makeup artist. Good makeup artists can get booked out quickly, so it’s indispensable to plan early. Get recommendations from friends, family members, or other brides who have recently married. Personal referrals are often the most reliable way to find a reputable makeup artist. Find an online-branded salon with a popular name.

7. Wedding Dress 

Selecting the perfect wedding attire is a reflection of your unique style and vision. For brides, whether you’re inclined towards a classic red or maroon lehenga or seeking something extraordinary in the latest fashion trends, your wedding dress should be a manifestation of your imagination. Explore a diverse range of eye-catching lehengas in various colors and designs to make your dream wedding outfit a reality. for grooms, coordinating your attire with the bride’s lehenga is key to achieving that perfect match and creating a harmonious look for your special day. 

8. Decide the Haldi Ceremony Decoration and Planning

To plan a Haldi ceremony, choose the theme or color scheme. Select a suitable venue, including traditional props, colorful clothes, fresh flowers, and seating arrangements. Arrange for refreshments & entertainment, schedule, and playing activities, and ensure safety and comfort with some good ambiance for guests. If it has been an outdoor plan, consider the weather. 

9. Accommodation of Your Wedding Guests

Taking care of your senior guests is an important aspect of any wedding. It is a great feeling when guests give blessings at a wedding and this happens only when they are properly taken care of. If you are expecting many guests from outside, it is wise to arrange their accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. There are many ways to keep your guests satisfied, and one of them is to provide accommodations to out-of-town wedding attendees.

10. Requirement of a Sweet Box and Gift 

When you plan all the essential factors related to the guest list and the number of guests, select and make the special list where you have to give the sweet box and gift. Make a list of these special guests; thereafter, select the sweet boxes and sweets according to your budget.


These are necessary factors that need to be done to fulfill your expectations and reach you at your dream wedding. But everyone needs support to handle all the responsibility with you so that you can enjoy the wedding function and get help making a suitable plan. Couples often weigh their options when it comes to wedding planning, deciding whether to enlist professional assistance or take on the responsibilities themselves. While there is no shortage of wedding planners available in India, Rams Event stands out as the premier choice for those seeking wedding services in Jaipur and Alwar. Contact us to enhance traditional wedding planning to ensure your special day goes flawlessly.

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