Haldi Ceremony


Haldi Ceremony

Find the various way of haldi ceremony for pre wedding fun.

haldi ceremony is unquestionably the most fun, colorful and vibrant of all the wedding ceremonies and there are no two thoughts about that. Right from a happy themed decor, fun games and an unusual food & dessert spread to quirky and aesthetic favors and peppy haldi looks of brides, grooms and the guests, the effervescent vibes of a haldi ceremony are all captivating and heart-tugging.

1. The fun & cutesy couple shots just can't be missed and they undeniably make up for the best haldi ceremony photos.

2. The most adorable and full of love photos with your parents and siblings are a super YAY!

3. Pose but also don't forget to be as candid as possible. Photos while getting that haldi applied are the most beautiful haldi ceremony photos!
4. And of course, the evermore solo bridal poses and close up shots are simply inevitable.