Dancers & Artist Management


Dancers & Artist Management

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Everyone wants a groovy, sensational wedding that has a musical sangeet night, fun and joyous  mehendi, haldi, a pompous baraat etc. But do you know what and how it goes in the backend of all of these events? All of these celebrations require various elements that bring life to it. Like, instruments artists, musicians, and performers. Managing them and selecting them for a particular event of a wedding is what we call as Artist management. Artist management is the department in a wedding company that selects and finalizes performers and artists that would perform in a wedding. They make sure that the performers and their performances match the theme of the wedding and the event or ritual that is being celebrated.

We have a big database of various individuals and performers that has their talent specifications, expertise, their hours of service, availability and their rates. The planning is then done by the bride and groom and the wedding company. Depending on the theme decided by the bride and groom and the wedding company, and the budget, artists are shortlisted and selected.

Some of our Dancers and Artist related Services are:

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2. Security guards gunmen.

3. Bouncers.

4. Dhol Artist

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